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Can I copy pictures from the gallery ?

No. All the pictures in this gallery remain the property of their owners. You may not copy them by any mean without their prior consent. You can get it using the link to contact them, above the picture. I'm sure that if you request this right for non commercial purpose, most of them will grant it for free. Moreover they'll be happy to know that you liked their pictures and want to use them. Be fair and thank them this way for sharing their pictures with you.

Can you sell me copyrights for some pictures ?

No picture displayed here belongs to airpictures.net . We can neither sell nor deal any right concerning them.

If you want to buy or deal rights to use and publish pictures, especially for commercial purposes, make sure to contact their owners using the mail link provided when you display a picture. (A form is provided instead if the photographer wants to keep its adress secret. Your message will be automatically forwarded to him (or her)). Moreover, large pictures are downsized before they enter the gallery. The photographer may well have a more detailled version of the picture you want.

Airpictures takes no percentage of the deal, we are not a agent, you'll get directly in touch with the photographer.

Is the gallery free ?

Yes, the gallery is completely free.

I could not find a picture.

There may be several reasons for this. First, there may be no corresponding picture in the gallery yet. But there may be one and you could not find it. Why? Both photographers and visitors come from all over the world. We advise photographers, when they add a picture, to describe it in their own langage, but also in english. Therefore, to maximise the results of your search, you should do it using english besides your own langage or the local language if you speak it. (Try spanish if you can when you search something in Spain, for exemple.) This is true also for geographical names. If you can, try searching english names, or names in the local langage (ex : german for Germany or Austria...)

I'd like to show a picture of this gallery in a forum or a newsgroup, how can I do it ?

Each picture in this gallery can be displayed using a direct link such as: http://www.airpictures.net?pic=1 where you use the picture ID instead of 1. (You get this ID when you display the picture.)

Nothing works : I can't even switch from page to page in a list of pictures.
Airpictures.net creates cookies. Why?

The whole site works with cookies. If you disabled cookies in your browser, we won't be able to create any session for you and therefore, very few features will work properly. Don't worry about our cookies, we don't use them to track you. We create two or three of them.



Why should I add my pictures to this gallery ?

We pilots all take pictures when we fly. Why not make them public? Flying is a privilege. It doesn't have to be selfish. Most people dream about it. Sharing our air pictures is sharing part of what we feel when we fly. It is sharing our passion and sharing the greatness we see from the sky. You won't even know it, but many unknown people will be grateful for your enabling them to fly along with you, even if it is only behind their computer screens. (Remember : before you became a pilot, you sure would have liked to visit such a gallery.)

...and maybe, with luck, you'll happen to sell pictures to a commercial visitor thanks to this gallery.

What kind of pictures may I add in the gallery ?

First you must be the author of all the pictures you add in the gallery. Then, your picture has to fit with the thema of this gallery : pictures taken from an aircraft, showing mainly what is outside the aircraft (ground, birds, other aircraft...). And finally, your picture must be a JPEG file, otherwise it won't be uploaded.

Will it cost me something to add my pictures in the gallery?

No. Airpictures is completely free and will remain so for both visitors and photographers in the future. Moreover, if you happen to sell one of your pictures thanks to this site, all the best for you. We don't charge anything for this and won't claim a part of what you earned.... ;o)

What about my rights on my pictures ?

Airpicture is just a display window. By adding your pictures to this collection you grant us no right concerning them, but the right to display them for our visitors. Put it bluntly, we have no copyrights on your pictures, and therefore, we may not sell them in any way, nor grant any right concerning them. You remain the SOLE owner of all rights concerning your pictures.

Maybe some visitors will want to use your pictures, buy commercial rights or rights to publish them. They will have a way to contact you using the email or physical adress you'll give us when you register. If you want this adress to remain secret, airpicture will provide a form to contact you and will then forward the message by email to you, without disclosing your adress. Just make sure that the electronic adresses you give us are valid.

What can I do to prevent illegal copying?

As soon as you make your picture available on a public webpage such as this one, it can be copied. If you keep it in your computer, it will be safe but anyway, you won't get any money from it and you won't be able to show it much, whereas it is why you took it in the first place, isn't it?

Airpictures.net provides two protections against illegal copying:

How large can be the pictures I add ?

Don't worry about this. There is a limit to the size of the pictures in the gallery, but if your picture exceeds it, it will be automatically downsized after uploading, before we hang it in the gallery. This way, you don't have to bother with size. Of course, though, the largest the file, the longest the uploading. The file size over which images are downsized is indicated in the uploading form.

When I upload a picture, I get a blank pop-up

Don't worry, it's not an add. This pop up will give you information about the uploading process. As long as it goes on and everything goes well, it stays blank. When it is over, you'll get a message giving you the result of the process, a direct link to your picture, and showing you the thumbnail of your picture. In case of a problem, you'll get an error message in the pop-up. Be patient as uploading can be quite lengthy. Several reasons for this : airpicture's server may be busy, but also and more probably, your upward bandwidth is much narrower than your downward bandwith. This is the case with most of the internet providers because you usually get more data than you send. The result is that uploading a picture can be much longer than downloading it. (20 times being common.)

How should I describe my picture ?

There are several fields in the form you fill when you upload a picture. Three of them only have to be filled; the others are optionnal. But the more information you give, the more interesting it will be for your visitors. It will also enable them to view your picture when they search something related to it. This is the aim for exemple of the "keywords" field. You can put there words which had no reason to be in either the location or the comments fields, but would be relevant to your picture. Ask yourself : for which kind of keyword research should my picture be included in the results. If one of them is not in other filds, add it in the keywords field.
You should know also that these data are included by search engines such as google in their index. Thus, your picture may be found directly from a, say, google search such as : "air picture + the name of your picture or places or elements incuded in the information you provided."

Which language should I use ?

Describing your picture is important because it will enable visitors to find it and view it. Keep in mind that visitors come from all over the world. Most of them may not speak your langage. That's why we strongly advise you to use English besides your own langage to describe your picture. Don't forget to do the same thing for geographical names. Ex : an indonesian visitor may not know that Alpes are french for Alps, or Alpen , german for the same thing. If you can, use both words : in your langage and in english.

Can I have my own gallery within the gallery ?

Yes. Each member of airpictures.net can display all his or her pictures easily, using a link such as : http://www.airpictures.net?mbr=31 where you use your own ID number instead of 31.

I have a gallery full of air pictures. Can you add a link from airpictures.net towards my gallery?

When you register, you can give the web adress of your own web site. Then your profile includes a link towards this page. Actually, this web page does not have to be an airpicture gallery, it can be a personnal site, a professionnal or commercial one.

If you want your site to be added in the air pictures galleries page, there are three conditions:

If you fulfill these conditions, send a mail giving the URL of your air pics gallery. Links are added manually. Allow a little time before they appear. In case of a problem, (if it is impossible to add this link) you'll be contacted. Therefore, no answer and no link simply means that your request has not yet been treated.

How can I add some great flight videos I have ?

Sorry, you can't. Airpictures.net is meant only for photography. Try http://www.youtube.com instead.

Should I use the automatic log in ?

When you choose to log in automatically, you don't have to enter your username and password any longer. You're automatically identified and logged in. Well, actually, you're not. Your computer is automatically identified (with an identification cookie we create on this computer) and its user is automatically logged in. When someone using this computer visit the gallery, we recognize the computer thanks to the cookie and suppose that the user of this computer is yourself. It means that you should never use the automatic login when you use a computer with several users. Anyone using it will be considered as being yourself. If you inadvertently ticked the automatic connexion box on a computer which is not yours, to destroy the identification cookie, just log out.